13 December 2016

It is no secret that mind and body are intrinsically linked. The health of one impacts the other. Both are equally important. With one in four adults in the UK living with a mental health problem, and around 60% of the UK population overweight or obese, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the growing trend to take an holistic approach to health and wellbeing is drastically improving lives.

That’s why the YMCA Black Country’s Changing UR Health 4 Life (CUH4L) programme is a much needed opportunity for people across the Black Country to take the time they deserve to look after their health. Beginning with a free lifestyle assessment, highlighting the areas that need a shake up, the service then offers a range of solutions. Physical activities like Zumba and yoga to improve your fitness, healthy eating sessions to learn healthy cooking on a budget, relaxation therapies and aromatherapy to help control life’s stresses and strains. The CUH4L programme also addresses one of the biggest causes of depression and anxiety; the importance of work and finding the right job has been proven to have huge effect on wellbeing. With CUH4L, you will be supported to find and train for the job for you.

The service has now released it’s 2017 timetable of activities. Please do get in touch if you’re interested in the service. For more information, check out the CUH4L page of our website.


Kate Hickman

YMCA Health and Wellbeing Team Leader

Email: Kathryn.Hickman@WBYMCA.org.uk

Tel: 07964 415182

Luke Tyler

YMCA Health and Wellbeing Manager

Email: luke.tyler@wbymca.org.uk

Tel: 01902 371562