YMCA Chaplaincy Services support staff and service users to think through life’s big questions.

Often the daily pressures arising from relationships, money, personal and others expectations can seem suffocating; or life becomes so hectic that little time is spent considering spiritual health. YMCA Chaplaincy provides a non-judgemental space to discuss, explore, pray, worship and generally unpack life’s journey from a supportive Christian perspective.

Through weekly and monthly prayer meetings, devotional activities, Alpha courses, discussion groups, workshops and Christian retreat opportunities both in the UK and further afield YMCA Chaplaincy Services seek to provide staff and service users ‘windows and doors’ through which they can observe, experience or begin a journey of Christian faith.

YMCA has worked in partnership with several churches across the Black Country and the Staffordshire border areas, with particular thanks to

YMCA Chaplaincy also seeks to work closely with ecumenical church groups throughout the region and as such continues to work in community with Love Black Country, The West Bromwich Church Leaders Prayer Meetings, Love Sandwell, and CONNECT Wolverhampton.

This service provides a much valued and welcome option for those accessing it.