At YMCA Black Country Group we understand that providing secure and comfortable accommodation is an essential part of a healthy, thriving and compassionate community.

Starting with a safe place to live, our person centred accommodation aims to empower and encourage young people, vulnerable adults and young professionals to prepare for and access the accommodation that is right for them, enabling them to belong,  contribute to their communities and thrive as individuals.

We manage a number of sites across the Black Country and Staffordshire Border areas, working in partnership with Local Authorities and other  agencies where appropriate. We know that people’s needs vary at different points in their lives, that’s why we provide a range of types of accommodation.

  • Supported Accommodation, including Supported Lodgings, for those that need more than just a roof over their head;
  • Move-on Accommodation, for those people that need a bridge between Supported Housing and independence; and
  • Y-Living – accommodation for young people (18-35) who want to access safe, secure, affordable accommodation with a landlord they can trust.