Considering a YMCA day nursery?

If you’re thinking about bringing your child to a YMCA day nursery, we highly recommend that you arrange a visit to the nursery of your choice to give you the opportunity to talk to our day care team and see the nursery facilities first hand.

We believe that children need to feel emotionally secure and this is fundamental in allowing them to develop and grow; here at YMCA our dedicated nursery teams will provide an enjoyable, relaxed and safe environment so that as a parent, you can be rest assured your child will be happy to spend their time in our day care settings.

Our highly qualified of Early Years Professionals provide your child with the very best nursery experience with a focus on the individual child and their very unique needs.

We want all of our children to reach their full potential so we provide activities that stretch their minds and bodies, encourage self-confidence and individual development.

Mel Braden, Head of Childcare

So what makes a YMCA nursery unique?

  • We take a holistic view of childcare, acknowledging the wider context of our families including their individual circumstances, skills, talents and home environment.
  • We engage the wider family in identifying and removing ‘barriers to progress’ and provide a gateway to engage with other YMCA service areas and explore YMCA ethos and values.
  • We strive for and maintain the highest standards of nursery provision through a continual process of quality assessment, staff training and user feedback in line with Ofsted and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory requirements.
  • We remain committed to our values and our Christian principles by ensuring that we create opportunities to involve children in activities that reflect our Christian ethos.
  • We work in Partnership with Health Visitors and community Midwives to support the youngest and most vulnerable children.
  • We provide parents with the skills and confidence to offer their children the best start in life. Services include making weekly visits to support parent-child activities such as reading and play.
  • We facilitate Group Work for pre-school children in each nursery enabling them and their parents to participate in, whilst using the focus of ‘stay and play’ to help reach a wider, isolated parenting peer group.
  • We offer free day care spaces to those who need those most – liaising with social services on a termly basis to offer our support.
  • We offer support for parents and sign post them to existing facilities to support health and wellbeing, spiritual and pastoral support, skills, and development and employability skills.

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