About YMCA day nurseries

We provide a warm, happy, safe, and stimulating day care experience, where our children feel safe, secure, held in mind and value. We believe our role as educators is to provide a supportive and engaging environment in which every child can flourish and learn at their own pace and in their own individual way.

Our nurseries are proud to be a part of the Worldwide YMCA. YMCA is the world’s oldest and largest youth organisation; over the years it has grown from an association of Christian young men into a global charity that supports all people, of all faiths and none.

Central to the work and vision of YMCA are its Christian beliefs in a God of love. At YMCA Black Country Nurseries, our Christian values are woven throughout the curriculum, including through sharing bible stories, songs and celebrating Christian festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest.

We hold true to our desire to be inclusive by acknowledging, sharing and learning about the cultures, faith festivals and beliefs of all the children in our care. We believe that operating in this way gives our children the best opportunity to develop to their full potential in body, mind and spirit enabling them to belong, contribute and thrive.

A Bespoke Nursery Curriculum

YMCA Black Country Group are the first YMCA to offer a bespoke curriculum which runs through all our nurseries. Built specifically to ignite children’s thirst for learning, we ensure that our children have the chance to access challenging, playful opportunities across both the prime and specific areas of learning, whilst benefitting from additional play and educational opportunities, designed specifically to develop children in our locality.

Whilst each nursery follows our curriculum, leaders and practitioners are empowered to add to it in a way that meets the unique and individual needs of the children in their community. This enables children and families to access a high quality nursery provision, supporting each child to thrive in an inclusive, supportive environment.

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