Mother and young son laughing together in their garden

22 March 2024

Stock photo used to protect identity.

Amanda and her son were referred by their Jobcentre for support with completing a UC50 form (Limited Capability to Work). A recent horrific incident had left Amanda’s adult son with life-changing injuries.

A few weeks later they returned to YMCA Small Street Centre for support with completing a PIP form. Jess, YMCA’s Community Project Worker identified that there were no electronic devices in the family home they were eligible to receive a laptop under the Connected Devices scheme. Amanda had previously sold the family laptop to pay for petrol to take their son to medical appointments across the West Midlands. On finding out they were eligible for a device, that they could collect the same day Amanda became emotive and told our team, “They didn’t think they would ever be able to have a laptop again!”

Due to the family’s sudden change of circumstances (Adult son now needing 24 hour care and moving back into family home) the family were experiencing financial crisis. Through conversations, Amanda disclosed that the family’s fridge-freezer had broken and all frozen food had to be thrown away. Through the HSF, YMCA was able to provide the family with a new fridge-freezer.

Amanda’s son has now been approved for the Enhanced Rate of PIP (Both components), has no obligation to find work and receives a health premium under Universal Credit after completing UC50 form.