5 June 2020


The Global Photo Challenge takes place on our Birthday, 6th June 2020, and is part of the World Challenge activities. It’s a chance for you to show off your favourite YMCA merchandise, have fun, challenge friends and see the diversity within the YMCA.

Here’s the schedule for the day


All you need is your smartphone with internet and a social media account… Don’t forget your YMCA T-shirt!

After taking your photo use the hashtag #YMCAChallenge and tag the World YMCA for us to see and share your picture!

Facebook: @ymcas
Twitter: @WorldYMCA
Instagram: worldymca


We encourage you to challenge your friends, other YMCA members, volunteers, customers whoever you like!


We have a global team who will be judging the photos and shirts so be creative and you may be recognized in the awards afterward!

What else?

We will use your photos to create a calendar to be able to not only see the diversity within our movement but to look forward together to next year. #YMCAStandsTogether