20 October 2017

This Summer I had the opportunity to attend the Youth Unify leadership camp in Romania. It was at the camp I had the opportunity to meet with other young leaders and delegates from across YMCA in Europe.

We had daily meetings in the camp where we discussed the vision of the YMCA, learnt what it means to be servant leaders, and growing to become disciples of Jesus Christ. This was done in the atmosphere of prayer and worship with the bond of unity amongst every one of us.

Before attending Youth Unify 2017 I had only heard about how many countries that YMCA had reached. However, at the camp I had the privilege to meet with young leaders and delegates from around eight different counties within Europe. I was encouraged to hear about the different stories and experiences some of the delegates shared with me. Two really encouraged me. The first one was of a YMCA that is predominately run by around two hundred volunteers and how they carry a Christ like passion for the vision of YMCA for those young people they support. The second one was of the YMCA in Munich where around one hundred and twenty people from within gather together once a week for prayer and worship. What encouraged me about this was that it started with five people and grew from there. Another highlight of this trip was the inclusion of outreach in the city of Cluj. For me and others this was such a great opportunity to go and speak to people about Jesus and pray for people on the streets. It was a stretch for some of us but we tuck together in it

I have been inspired for the vision of YMCA through this time in Youth Unify, especially after watching ‘Soul in the Machine’. This helped me to understand more clearly the heart behind the vision and had inspired me to carry this vision on through the YMCA. It was great to learn more about how to be more of a leader but with the servant heart of Jesus. This time with all the other delegates of the Youth Unify 2017 has united many of us together across Europe, and is a great network to help encourage one another and to learn from one another. This network is also great to keep the vision of the YMCA alive through unity and prayer.

Picture and Story by Manni Johal, Talent Match