2 December 2020

Walsall Housing staff have been developing a programme called ‘The George Williams Award’ for residents to participate in during their time at Green Lane.  The programme enables the young people to develop their skills, and be ready to move on into independence. The workbook includes fun group sessions (when not in lockdown) such as; How clean is your House, Sensible spending, Sugar Busters, Feel Good Factor and Shape up and Ship Out.

Residents are also asked to find more out about the area they live in, read books, watch movies and review them, show they can keep their room tidy and shop sensibly!

There are 3 levels of the workbook, and successful completion all 3 levels is an indication that the resident is ready for ‘move-on’ and greater independence.

Feedback from Residents has been very good, and they are all enjoying taking part.  They have commented that it gives them something to aim for whilst learning new things as well.

Resident Joshua Walker who has been at Green Lane for 2 years, is the first resident to complete all 3 levels.  Here’s Joshua’s thoughts on the George Williams programme and his time at YMCA:-

Before I moved into the YMCA I lacked confidence and social skills but the YMCA ran workshops which helped me, for example Sensible Spending’ and ‘How Clean is Your House’. I learned that you can manage your money on a fortnightly basis, this included paying rent, council tax, water and gas. I also learned that if you plan meals this will help you budget your money more and help you save. While doing the workshops my confidence and social skills improved and I started speaking to more people. My support worker is Jo and she helps me stay on track with things like keeping my room clean, and paying my rent on time. Jo has helped me make my first steps into a career, but most of all she has helped me be myself.

While living at the YMCA I have gained knowledge and skills to help me maintain my Tenancy, and now feel I am ready to move on and make my future better, I lost my mom and Dad when I was 14 and I feel that they would be very proud of me”.

Well done Joshua!