Smiling older man looking thoughtfully into the distance.

30 November 2022

Steven came to The Glebe Centre whilst he was rough sleeping in Walsall. He explained to the team he had previously been living at a local housing shelter but had been asked to leave because he “had shouted at staff and had kicked in a door that cost them £400”. Steven disclosed during his assessment, that he used cannabis and drinks alcohol.

We initially made referrals to a number of different shared accommodation providers but they either had no available rooms or Steven’s application was unsuccessful. Staff spoke with a landlord in Walsall who had been able to provide accommodation to a couple of other Glebe service users in the past, the landlord agreed to meet and speak with Steven regarding considering him for a room within one of his properties. Steven had disclosed that he had previously attempted suicide because of mental health issues. A referral was made for Steven to the Beacon to address his alcohol use. Staff contacted his GP with regard to Steven’s medication so that he could stabilise his mental health. Appointments were also made with the opticians for his deteriorating eyesight.

Steven began attending the Glebe Centre everyday and started engaging in sessions. He appeared to gain a lot from the mental health/mindfulness sessions in addition to the arts and crafts sessions. Staff discovered Steven was a talented artist and encouraged him in this area. We delivered sessions sharing the benefits of counselling and how talking therapies can support an individual in their journey. When discussing bereavement counselling, Steven expressed an interest in accessing this relating to deaths of some close family members so staff contacted a counselling service for Steven to discuss these issues. Steven has also spoken at length about his interest in music and using music as a coping skill for his mental wellbeing. Staff have made enquiries to local organisations regarding community and creative music groups or opportunities to engage in this interest.

Steven has attended the Glebe Centre every day and is a much calmer, more stable, individual. He is engaging in a lot of mental health and art provisions and participates fully in the sessions we deliver. Steven attends all appointments that we make for him and engages with staff well regarding his needs. Steven has expressed interest in engaging with activities in the community, signing up for a free adult art workshop at the walsall new art gallery in town.

Steven has since attended the Beacon to address his substance misuse, received new glasses and attended his first counselling session. He has also expressed an interest in exploring more of the Christian faith; arrangements have been made with our Christian Mission Co-ordinator to help Steven in his faith journey and make connections with local churches he could attend. It has been difficult to find accommodation for Steven due to his substance misuse but staff are still looking for a suitable solution for Steve.

Steven said, “I am feeling much more contended, engaging with new things and people. I like my life… since coming [to The Glebe Centre]. I’ve had help with my drug and alcohol issues and am waiting for an appointment for bereavement counselling. I am feeling so much better, I am able to be myself and it’s taken a lot of stress (away) from me.”

“Steven’s” real name and identity have been changed