Young male smiling to camera

15 January 2024

YMCA have worked with a range of individuals in the Wren’s Nest area supporting them with a variety of challenges that they have faced.

Simon was initially referred to YMCA Wren’s Nest Navigators for support in getting out and meeting new people and also trying to get into employment. Meeting the mentoring team was initially difficult for Simon, as he struggled to meet new people due to his anxiety. It took Simon some time to build his confidence and trust with the team, but once he felt comfortable, he was able to talk to his mentor openly and honestly about his struggles, asking us for support with employment, finances, relationships, health and nutrition.

Simon has received more specific mentoring support in employment, health & wellbeing and his relationships. The team have been supporting Simon with maintaining positive relationships with friends and staying safe online.  Through regular mentoring sessions, Simon has built his confidence to apply for jobs and attend interviews. Thanks to his hard work and efforts, he was recently offered a job, which has given him a huge boost in his self-esteem.