14 March 2022


Our approach has now changed to Financial Donations only –  YMCA Europe can get supplies to affected people, much quicker and more efficiently.

We’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who have brought physical aid donations to our local ‘drop-off’ locations in support of our Ukrainian Refugee appeal. There has been a huge response.

These supplies have been forwarded to our local partners for onward delivery. However, we are no longer able to receive any further physical aid donations.

Instead of purchasing supplies and dropping-off at our YMCA centres, please give a financial donation.

We are working with YMCA Europe to ensure that your money goes directly to where it’s needed most. To see the full YMCA Response Strategy and Action Plan “Striving for Peace, Together” Please click here.

YMCA’s immediate Emergency Relief support strategy will see donations primarily going towards:

  •  Ukraine Refugees, through YMCAs and other reliable NGOs in the neighbouring countries, according to each context and needs.
  • ​Emergency Relief to YMCA Ukraine and Internally Displaced Persons within the country, also guaranteeing the movement’s viability and operation.

Please give what you can – every single £ will make a difference.

Thank you so much for your generosity.