19 June 2020

Pam has had Ryan living with her for just over 6 months.  During the COVID-19, lockdown, as a household they have used the time to do lots of activities together.

The thing I have enjoyed most about having Ryan living with us, is that he has enjoys helping me with the baking and getting involved with the allotment which is located at the side of our house. Ryan got all the forms for me to rent the plot. The lockdown would have been very difficult had we not had these hobbies. Ryan helps to weed the plot with me and waters it regularly. Also the plot is located in a beautiful location and it has helped me to exercise during the lockdown and meet different people, sharing ideas on how to grow fruit and veg. adhering to social distancing rules of course!

Ryan is a very polite, well-mannered and respectful young man. He has helped me with my food shopping during the lockdown and to carry it as I suffer from back pain. Most of all he is great company.   We have watched films and documentaries together and engaged in conversations during the lockdown which otherwise would have been quite boring.

We all coped in the pandemic by forward planning our days. From making Rhubarb Gin one day and Victoria Sandwich Cake the next. All of the members in the family worked as a team, helping each other. Everyone had their own tasks too like mowing the lawn, putting the washing out and helping with the vacuuming etc.

The most rewarding thing about being a host is to see how the young person has come so far and has developed confidence to talk freely, to laugh and joke.  Considering they have come from a broken family background where they have encountered problems, it’s a joy to see the person smile and give them that stability where they are being loved and treated like a member of the family!

Ryan’s story

I have found living with a supported lodgings host, supportive and reassuring. Being with a supported lodgings host has helped me learn basic life skills such as cooking and basic communication as before I didn’t talk to anyone as I didn’t have the confidence to do so. My hope for the future is to be a Royal Marines Commando. The host has been very friendly and supportive.  I know that if I have any problems then I can talk to them.