12 September 2020

Luke is one of the young people accessing YMCA Talent Match programme in Dudley.  This is his account of his journey, especially during COVID-19. 

“I would just like to say, my journey with Black Country Talent Match has been absolutely fantastic. From start to finish they have backed up with the support and encouragement, to not just help me to come out of my shell but to smash it. Being invited to join The Steering Group has been a privilege to work along with other people to help others.

Talent Match is the best program to be on, I can’t knock them for anything because they have been outstanding.  My Mentor, Jay has been incredible, helping with all different areas of my life and I can’t thank him enough.

Talent Match has been amazing even during the pandemic. Finding ways to reach out to provide all kinds of support through social media groups, zoom etc. You and even kindly provided a care package to lift up spirit.

Finally, thank you once again for helping me towards the end of my journey, to give me the tools, confidence and knowledge to face my next stage of my life, which I couldn’t have done without Black Country Talent Match.”