Young women sat in a chair talking to camera

5 October 2023

Daryna (pronounced Dasha) came to live at the YMCA City Gateway back in June 2023 on a sponsorship programme from the Ukraine to offer a safe place to live due to the war.

During her time here she has made friends with other residents and engaged with resident drop-in, pizza nights and ‘breakfast on the go’ and also gained employment. Daryna has been on trips to London and Spain and has loved visiting local towns and cities, she has also made new friends at the Ukraine church in Wolverhampton.

Daryna now has a boyfriend whom she has met in Wolverhampton and they have decided to move back to the Ukraine, staying with family for next 3 months before moving onto Norway for new beginnings.

Daryna thanked Tracy Costin, Housing Manager for YLiving and Sally Cowan, Chief Officer for Places, to thank staff and the YMCA for all the support she has been given whilst being at the YMCA.  Daryna said she has noticed a big change in herself and how much she has grown as a person.  Daryna would recommend YLiving to everyone who has the opportunity to live here.