19 June 2020

I have been a Supported Lodgings Host for nearly one month and this is my first placement.  It’s an exciting day today as David, the young person who has been living with me, will be introducing me to his girlfriend and he is cooking dinner for us all.

Before I had a young person on Supported Lodgings, I was living alone as my daughter had grown up and moved out a few years earlier.  I had a spare room which I thought would be best suited to a young vulnerable person who needed a safe and happy home, so I got in touch with the YMCA.

David aged 17 has now been residing with me for 28 days and it feels like we have known each other forever.  I enjoy having him around as it reminds me of the days when my daughter was living with me.  I have not had to make any major changes to accommodate him and I am reminded of the reason I did this every time I see him smile.

He very quickly settled in respecting his new home, I have to say I was taken aback when I heard him ask if he could vacuum the house! ….. and the surprises kept coming – he is an exceptional cook and has cooked for us on many occasions. We discuss food a lot and what we would both like to try – so off I go to the supermarket to get the ingredients.

David had the following to say “I am so grateful to the YMCA for helping me to find a home where I can live comfortably.  My host family has helped me to settle in and I am now focusing on my future.  I would recommend the YMCA to any young person who thinks they are in need of support.”

If you have been considering becoming a host – make that first call.  The support you get from the staff at the YMCA is second to none, you never have to feel that you have been left alone.  If you still have that nurturing feeling and know you have the patience and kindness for a young person in need, you will not be disappointed – The reward is that feeling in your gut – you made a difference to someone who needs it.