20 October 2017

Kate Hinsley, Support Worker at YMCA’s Badger Court project in Wolverhampton have along with the project itself, have been awarded for their hard work by West Midlands Police in protecting YMCA residents from Child Sexual Exploitation.

Kate Hinsley received an award for her role in safeguarding a vulnerable resident; Kate went above and beyond her role as a support worker and demonstrated great team work as she worked alongside the police and social services to protect the resident.

Badger Court also received an award for implementing a new Missing Persons Policy at the Project. The staff team as a whole worked hard to prevent and intervene in supporting vulnerable young people in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation. The team worked with both the police and Social Services and other agencies in order to protect vulnerable young people.

Congratulations to Kate as an individual and the Badger Court staff team, for receiving these prestigious awards. Their dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated.

Badger Court have also been nominated for Accommodation project of the year for the Youth Mattes Awards!