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15 January 2024

Az initially sought support from the YMCA following a stroke and subsequent rehabilitation at West Park Hospital. Upon referral, AZ articulated her need for assistance in employment seeking and confidence-building, addressing her struggles with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. She also disclosed the challenges stemming from an abusive past relationship, including family exclusion, fertility issues, and cultural barriers.

Supporting AZ:

Comprehensive support was tailored to address the multifaceted challenges AZ faced. Therapeutic sessions were conducted weekly to navigate her emotional journey and resentments from her past. AZ was referred to Healthy Minds for additional mental health support, and the Samaritans were offered as a resource for further assistance. Mentoring sessions aimed at helping her realize her potential, boost confidence, and foster a positive outlook were implemented.

Safeguarding Procedures:

Upon AZ’s disclosure during mentoring sessions, the YMCA strictly followed safeguarding procedures. Adult and children’s social services were contacted to assess the safety of AZ and her children. A thorough assessment determined that the children were not at immediate risk. To support AZ’s safety, arrangements were made for her to move out of her husband’s family home, with ongoing support from Sonia to secure accommodation.

Progress and Achievements:

AZ’s journey showcased remarkable progress. Initially grappling with the gravity of her circumstances, she embraced the support provided. Therapeutic interventions, social worker referrals, CV writing assistance, basic ICT skills, and job search support were instrumental in rebuilding AZ’s confidence and outlook. Attending the Molineux Job Fair marked a significant milestone, expanding her horizons and rekindling dreams of achievable goals. AZ expressed, “This is the first time in a long time where I feel my dreams are achievable.”

Outcomes and Goals Achieved:

Through a holistic approach, AZ achieved significant milestones in confidence building, mental health support, therapeutic interventions, and practical skills development. The support not only benefitted AZ but had a potential positive impact on her entire family. Safeguarding concerns were highlighted, leading to ongoing efforts to support AZ and her family in finding suitable accommodation and employment.


AZ’s case exemplifies the transformative power of holistic support. The YMCA, through the GTA project, addressed barriers hindering AZ’s life, fostering change for her and her family. The journey ahead remains challenging, but the collaborative efforts of the YMCA, social services, and other agencies continue to pave the way for positive change, emphasizing the potential for long-term benefits for AZ and her family.

Name and photo changed to protect identity.