Alam, a young man smiling into camera

28 June 2023

Alam had some struggles which derailed his personal and professional growth; his love for computers and programming remained his anchor in these tumultuous times. Thanks to the YMCA team’s nurturing support, Alam’s life has been transformed through his association with YMCA Gateway to Achieve, a mentoring program committed to empowering individuals with barriers to employment. Alam’s journey led him to secure a Level 4 apprenticeship in Cyber Security, aligning perfectly with his passions and aspirations.

Gateway to Achieve provided a safe and supportive environment where Alam could share his challenges and receive guidance from mentors who understood his journey intimately. Our team recognising the potential within Alam, developed strategies to manage and cope with issues he had experienced while developing the skills to search and apply for work, through regular mentoring sessions. These sessions built his resilience and provided Alam with the emotional backing necessary to face challenges effectively.

Alam engaged in mock interviews, networking events and further interview preparation to build strong personal and professional growth. These opportunities allowed him to practice and refine his employment skills while gaining confidence in his professional interactions. Understanding Alam’s passion for computers and programming, Gateway to Achieve supported Alam into additional training to help him develop his skills in the field of Cyber Security. The exposure to cutting-edge technologies fuelled Alam’s ambition and solidified his desire to pursue a career in cyber security.

With the support and guidance of the team, Alam applied for a Level 4 apprenticeship in Cyber Security. The program helped him refine his CV, prepare for interviews, and showcase his skills and dedication to potential employers. Alam’s commitment, combined with the support he received, played a pivotal role in securing the apprenticeship, marking a significant milestone in his journey of personal growth.

Through his apprenticeship, Alam is now gaining hands-on experience in the field of cyber security, honing his technical skills and expanding his knowledge. He works alongside experienced professionals who mentor and guide him through his professional growth, instilling a sense of accomplishment.

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