We're Here To Help Young People Build a Future.

It's often the most basic things people need help with - housing, finding work, childcare, overcoming addictions. We help people to move forward in their life journey, one step at a time. We shelter. We support. We develop skills and we give opportunities.

More Than Just A Roof

The YMCA offers more than just shelter from the elements, but a whole person package based on our mission statement – developing Body, Mind and Spirit.

We are always looking for new ‘Hosts’ to join our Supported Lodgings scheme, so if you, or someone you know would like to help a young person build a future and you have a spare room, find out more at Open Door.


Latest News

Jack Bungee

Such Great Heights

Two of our Housing Key Workers took to great heights on Sunday 20th July to raise money for YMCA Black Country Group. The pair volunteered to hurl themselves off a […]

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Photo of: YMCA Residents

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