At YMCA, we believe in transforming communities. There are a range of YMCA services available to families and individuals in Dudley including accommodation, nursery facilities and health and wellbeing projects.

Happy little girls with dirty hands and faces having fun being creative with finger painting at YMCA Hayes Lane Nursery

YMCA Hayes Lane Nursery

High quality childcare for children aged 0-5. Free day care places are available for eligible families living in Dudley.

young man relaxing at ymca supported housing

YMCA Supported Housing

Housing for young people aged 18-35 that require more than just a roof over their head, but the skills needed to live independently and make a positive contribution to their community.

Mother and son exercising in the park

Wren's Nest Navigators

Supporting Dudley residents and families holistically through a combination of buddying, mentoring, face to face and online activities.

Family Matters

Family Matters

Supporting the Dudley community to move into or closer to employment, by developing their skills and confidence.

Y's Girls Mentoring

Mentoring for girls aged 9 – 14 allowing them to overcome challenges, build better relationships inspire them to thrive.

Talent Match

Talent Match

Supporting young adults living in Dudley aged 18-29 who have been out of work, who require additional support to overcome specific barriers to employment.