We are unable to swap sessions at short notice due to staffing levels and maintaining ratio requirements as set by Ofsted.

We require one full months’ notice to reduce or terminate your days of attendance

If the nursery closes at short notice we will notify as soon as possible, and will not be liable for any losses or additional childcare costs accrued in this period.

We reserve the right to contact you to collect your child if they should fall ill and refuse entry on the grounds of ill health. Non monies will be refunded for these periods.

A copy of all nursery policies and procedures can be accessed at the nursery.

For more information ad a full list of YMCA Black Country Group policies and procedures click here.



YMCA encourages and values all parents’ comments. Compliments, concerns and complaints can be shared verbally with the nursery manager or in written form.

All feedback is shared with senior management and all nursery staff, as it motivates the staff team to continue their good practice and improve further.

We also have an anonymous email address for you to “have your say” and make any suggestions you wish



We have a duty of care to report to relevant authorities any circumstances where we consider a child has been harmed or is at risk of harm or neglect. We may do this with or without your consent and with or without informing you, depending upon the information available to us.

For more information about safeguarding, please view our SAFE GUARDING POLICY