We want your nominations for our new youth panel

The Dudley Young Navigators Forum? is all about giving young people a voice in shaping what goes down in our YMCA Wrens Nest community programmes. We’re all about hearing your thoughts on staying safe, keeping healthy, having fun and reaching your goals, making a positive impact.

But hey, it’s not just about talk – we’re also the crew behind awesome events and activities throughout the year, giving you plenty of chances to get involved and make memories.

an illustration of a megaphone with three lines indicating noise

What's Involved

  • Meet young people just like you
  • Support your local community
  • Discuss ideas and topics to help shape our youth activities
  • Plan exciting events throughout the year
illustration of three people around a table with speech bubbles around their head, showing discussion and collaboration

What We'll Do

  • Listen to your ideas
  • Give you the chance to say what you want to see where you live
  • Hold regular meetings with FREE food
  • Provide fun and exciting training opportunities
illustration of gavel and block to show decision making within the forum

Why you should do it

  • Build your skills
  • Meet new people
  • Make a change
  • Try new things
  • Go on activity days
  • Have fun

Nominate a young person for our Youth Panel