We provide one-to-one support with fully qualified and experienced Lifestyle Coaches enabling you to make positive lifestyle choices to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Looking at health in a holistic way, Lifestyle Coaches will encourage clients to consider a broad spectrum of factors that affect health including employment status, mental health, relationships and finances.

Clients will receive a minimum of 6 months support, meeting at 6 weekly intervals. At each meeting, a Health Check will be conducted including blood pressure, hip, waist and height measurements, weight and BMI; and SMART goals will be discussed and set, resulting in sustained behaviour change at 6 months.

Clients will receive a personalised diary/resource pack and fitness tracker watch. In between appointments, participants continue to remain in contact with their Lifestyle Coach to maintain motivation and seek further information and guidance.

For details please email health.wellbeing@ymcabc.org.uk or call 0121 524 1950