young man holding a football at ymca sports hall

The Engage, Grow & Achieve programme enables participants to build emotional resilience by building strong relationships and utilising coping mechanisms to overcome barriers that prevent people from achieving their goals and ambitions.

Using innovative team building activities the programme breaks down barriers, helps individuals to overcome fear and anxiety about progression and build self-esteem, confidence and self-belief.

We aim to develop essential life skills such as communication, problem solving, decision making and negotiation, and encourage punctuality, commitment, motivation and stability, all essential to developing a work ready routine.

Further aspects include developing budgeting skills through ‘Money and Me’, an innovative programme looking at our relationship with money and budgeting.

Participants are given the opportunity to take proactive steps to identify the skills, experience and qualifications necessary to achieve their goals. Engage, Grow & Achieve will support participants to actively seek employment, volunteering, education or training opportunities and set SMART goals which will allow them to excel in their future endeavours.

For details please email or call 0121 524 1950