If you have already looked into the fostering process, you will already be aware of the need for more Foster Carers.  Although, prospective carers have great intentions about improving a child’s life, not everybody who enquires, goes onto become a Foster carer.

Sometimes, people are put off by the commitment that’s needed or other lifestyle changes such as giving up work.  We have also met people who have been turned down, for reasons such as lack of relevant experience or being narrow about the age of the child they would foster.

Still wanting to make a difference, but unsure how…

You might have concluded that fostering is not for you at this time, but there is still another way that you can make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable teenagers.  To do so, all that is required from you is a spare room and a caring heart.

YMCA Open Door project is in need of Host families across the Black Country who can provide safe and caring environment for young people aged 16-18 who have experienced family breakdown.  Because all of the young people placed with Hosts are above the age of 16, the commitment from a Host is considerably less than that which is required from a foster carer.  Most of our Hosts are working people although there are a lot of Hosts who are retired.

Jennifer’s story:

“I had looked into fostering because I wanted to make a difference.  I started the assessment process; however the assessing Social Worker explained that because my spare room is on a different floor to mine, they would not be able to place within my house.  It was after this, that I heard about Supported Lodgings and I decided to give it a go.

I have had several young people stop with me with me on Supported Lodgings.  As a Host it has been amazing watching them develop from where they come in to where they leave.  The change is phenomenal.  When they leave you, you know that they can be independent and become productive members of society.

One of the other things about being a Supported Lodgings Host is that because they are older, you can pop out and you don’t need to worry about them being on their own, if you want to go out for the evening and you don’t need to find a babysitter.”

YMCA Open Door provides short term Nightstop placements for young people which occur on a night by night basis and Supported Lodgings which can last up to two years.  It’s up to you if you would prefer to do Nightstop or Supported Lodgings or you can do both.  Hosts receive in excess of £100pw and YMCA provides ongoing support.”

To find out more please complete an enquiry form or call – 0121 524 1957.