It’s a great idea to email people about your fundraising — family, friends and colleagues are obvious choices, but think more widely too. How about neighbours, people from church or clubs you belong to, schools and even business contacts? The more people you tell the more money you are likely to raise. Also don’t be afraid to ask and ask again — you know how it is with emails, sometimes they are overlooked.

An example of an email you could send might be:


I am getting in touch to ask for your support as I take part in YMCA Sleep Easy.

For people who find themselves homeless, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect, and they need our help more than ever.

That’s why I’m sleeping rough so others not have to, and raising as much as possible for YMCA.

YMCA believes every young person should have a safe place to stay and is the largest voluntary provider of supported housing for young people in England and Wales.

Please sponsor me to help me get through the cold (and potentially wet) night, and share the link: [insert your GivePenny link]

Thank you in advance for any support you can give!

Two people sat inside a fort of cardboard boxes holding branded thermos flasks to promote YMCA Sleep Easy fundraising event

Social Media

Stories, status updates and tweets are all great ways to let people know that you are taking part in Sleep Easy 2022. Remember to promote your fundraising page and ask your followers to sign up too! You can even share posts from our channels to help get started, or download the images below to share.

Man taking part in YMCA sleep easy event

Ask people to gain sponsors on your behalf

Ask friends and family to use their networks to find people who will sponsors on you. It is a good excuse to use if they cannot participate themselves.

Hold a fundraiser

You could consider baking some cakes and selling them
to friends, family and colleagues as a way of raising money
or getting people to sponsor you.

Young girl lying in cardboard box wearing a beanie hat and gloves laughing with a friend at YMCA Sleep Easy

Paper forms

Some people still prefer to complete a paper-based sponsorship form and donate by cash or cheques. You can ask us for a paper form if so.

Lady lying down in wooly hat and gloves inside a fort of cardboard boxes to promote YMCA Sleep Easy

Don’t forget to say thanks!

Post a ‘Thank you’ note on someone’s profile when they sponsor you. It also lets others know about Sleep Easy
and how they can also get involved.

Be sure to take photos and videos on the night, and share them with those who have supported you.

And once Sleep Easy is over, remember to thank people collectively and individually.
Let them know how much of a difference they have made together in supporting you and YMCA.