Performing – Prison Inreach & Outreach

Working with young people 3 – 4 months prior to being released from prison, this project acts as an engagement tool that seeks to support effective transition from prison to ‘normal life’.

Each stage will have a specific focus and will be delivered initially within a prison setting clearly setting out key stages of engagement and development.

We will deliver performances that relate to the experiences of the prison inmate that will capture the issues and challenges that lead them to prison and importantly look at what could have been done differently to avoid it happening again.

Where appropriate we will use prison inmates as actors as well as staff who can relate to the experiences being portrayed. Our audience will be the prison staff, probation, and other services that impact on the release of prisoners.

Our findings / performances will also be shown outside of prison walls to organisations that are able to review their practices to help to ensure that re – offending doesn’t take place. We will use drama as a development tool to support individuals once they are released giving them a purpose and a sense of achievement.

We would expect the performances then to also be presented back in prisons by those who were previously imprisoned so they can reflect the positive change this drama engagement process has made.

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