Learn by Doing

This is a brilliant opportunity to experience your choice of employment to test out whether this is something that you would want to pursue. Not only would you as a young person experience this as a taster but you will also get the opportunity to plan an activity that relates to your practical choice of employment. The twist – something different, this will involve you managing a budget and planning an exciting activity that relates to your chosen area of employment or interest. The activities could include, for example :

Motor Maintenance

Under the bonnet – hands on experience working alongside experienced technicians/ motor mechanics.  Over the bonnet – body work technician.  The something different – the twist – would be a racing experience, visit to a motor museum, go-karting or visiting a main dealership such as Jaguar Landrover, BMW, Mercedes etc.

The package can apply to other areas such as Property Maintenance, Retro or Shabby Chic Restoration

Giving old furniture new life, recycling the unwanted.  Learn sanding techniques, painting and how to present furniture in a way that is saleable.  Something different could be to visit shabby chic shops in Wales with the option of a surfboarding experience.

Vintage Clothing.

Obtain stock, make alterations, explore how to sell on eBay and carry out research.  The something different could be a visit to Camden Market or Museum of Fashion and producing a fashion show inviting key retailers to observe the work you’ve done.

These are some examples but the main objective is that the activity is designed by you as a young person.  It is a “taste and see” experience to improve sector specific knowledge and encourage you as a young person to take the next step on your journey with more confidence.

We have designed this programme with an emphasis on employment and enterprise and with progression in mind.  As well as work tasters to discover hidden talents we will support elements of literacy and numeracy if this is required to take forward your chosen career.

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