Counselling Support

Sometimes it’s really difficult for people to understand the challenges that young people face and the experiences that they have been through, the complex issues, lack of understanding and simply people not getting it! Many young people have had to deal with a  number of problems either as young adults or from a very early age as young children.

The YMCA have excellent qualified and experienced counsellors who are able to lend more than a listening ear but to come along side you as a young person and give you the space to express your feelings and thoughts in a way that will enable us to simply listen and then look at solutions to overcome some of what could be deep rooted experiences.

As experienced counselors we will work with you at your pace and help you to unravel what can sometimes be a complex web of thoughts and feelings. We would want you as a young person to feel free to be annoyed, angry, upset, feelings of being let down by those you trust. We would help you to find solutions so your past experiences do not determine your future prospects.

Our  Counselling and Support service will include one to one (face to face), online counselling, therapy group, chat ‘n’ chill group (led by you), e chat (social media) group (led by you) and telephone counselling. We will provide creative therapies keeping you at the centre of all we do, helping you deal with any worries and stress. We will also help you “take control,” being responsible in preparation for your own future. This will happen in stages and links in with the title of the services we will offer. Our counselling support will be built around the following :

(L) Let it Out “ This is Me”

(E) Engage “I’m up for it”          

(a) and                     

(P) Progress “I’m On My Way” 

We would expect that as a result of the counselling sessions that you attend that you will feel more confident, more in control and positive about your future.

For more information contact Angela Ball on 01902 371550

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