Nursery Rooms

Baby Room (0-2 years)

Our baby room is safe, stimulating area for your little one. The majority of the room is carpeted, where babies are able to freely investigate their environment and supports children’s inbuilt curiosity to explore and make sense of the world around them.

We provide a wide range of messy play and art and craft activities that excite and invigorate children’s senses. We actively encourage cuddles; babies are given milk feeds in their key person’s arms, and we follow each child’s individual home routine to encourage the link between nursery and home life.

Black & White Area
Sensory Area
Baby Play


Toddler Room (2-3 years)

The layout of the toddler room allows children to explore freely and learn to walk, which extends their physical development. The toddler room is still able to cater for each child’s individual routine.

Following the 7 areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the room is set up in defined areas which support children’s learning and development.

The room offers a small world play area, an area for painting, drawing and getting messy, musical instruments, puzzles and shape sorters. There is also a book corner with comfy cushions and soft toys.

The toddlers also have their own garden area that is individually suited to their needs. The garden is extremely secure and boasts a variety of outdoor resources.

Sensory Space
Small World
Small World
Home corner 2-3
Home Corner
Book Corner
Book Corner


Pre-School Room (3-4 years)

Our pre-school room incorporates a home corner, snug cosy area with a lot of access to songs and rhymes and story time. There is small world play, sand and water play and more focussed activities available. The children are extremely well supported by our qualified staff throughout the seven areas of learning and to each child’s individual strengths and personalities. We focus more on children being independent and to attempt tasks with support rather than assistance. We work in partnership with parents to promote aspects as such as potty training, self-service and the important self-care skills of beginning to dress themselves.

Story Corner
Small World
Small World
Home Corner
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