Family Mediation
fam_medFamily breakdown is one of the most common reasons for a young person finding themselves homeless. YMCA’s Family Mediation service aims to prevent young people in Wolverhampton becoming homeless through rebuilding relationships between family members.

Family Mediation aims to assist with communication to find a sensible and practical way forward for young people, their families, guardians and support workers, with the ultimate goals being to keep the young person in housing. The service offers a safe space where everyone involved can have their say, be listened to and find an agreed solution.

In most disputes, the main problem is that both parties believe that their needs are being ignored, leading to a breakdown in communication. Our job is to find out the needs of both parties to allow a positive discussion to take place.

The core of the work is about developing a relationship with the young person and enabling them to share the problems they’re dealing with in their everyday lives.

Staff spend time with the young person and assess the best way forward; this could be arranging a family meeting or engaging with other family members who can act in support of the young person.

For more details on Family Mediation, contact Leon Dixon on 07545433696 or leon.dixon@ymcabc.org.uk

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