Supported Housing

Dando1Supported Housing provides homeless young people with their own independent living space within the YMCA for up to 2 years, where they receive support from our friendly team of Key Workers along with Life Skills training to get them back on track.

Young people receive more than just a roof over their head; they have access to all the support they need to get back on their feet and to prepare them for an independent life after the YMCA.

Each resident is allocated a Key Worker who assists them with everything, from advice relating to education, employment and training, to how to overcome personal issues in their lives.

All our Key Workers are highly trained, experienced, committed individuals whose primary function is to see all residents succeed and thrive in the local community.


Resident Activities

Badger Court ResidentsThere are a number of activities organised in the YMCA each week to encourage residents to socialise and give them something fun to do. The YMCA works with residents to facilitate activities that residents find interesting so in addition to a number of sporting activities such as football, basketball and badminton, our Youth Team also run music workshops for residents to write, compose and record their own songs.

Residents also enjoy heavily discounted membership off all the fitness facilities with one free visit each week with subsequent visits costing only 60p.




Training & Development

Training & DevelopmentThe YMCA offers a wide variety of training opportunities for all residents. Each resident is assessed and placed on a tailor-made training programme to meet their needs and aspirations, whilst also developing essential life skills and career skills.

This training helps residents to demonstrate that they have the personal skills and attitudes wanted by employers, and help them search for, obtain and maintain employment and will help residents progress to future learning in specific subject areas at college or University.

Residents are encouraged to take up volunteering opportunities and work placements both within and outside the YMCA, which can sometimes lead to employment.



Peer Mentors

Peer MentorsPeer Mentors have been there, done that and now wear the T shirt!

YMCA Black Country Group employ different ex-residents each year as Peer Mentors to work with residents, getting them involved in activities and changes in the YMCA; they also act as someone to talk to if residents want to talk to someone other than their Key Worker.


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