Sofa Surfers – Sleep Easy for kids


We have plenty of people who say they can’t take part in Sleep Easy because they have young children. We have also been asked by children under 12 if they can take part in our Sleep Easy. The heart, compassion and sense of social awareness held by these children is amazing, and we want to encourage that! To that end, this year we are trialing a brand new way of getting involved in Sleep Easy – Sofa Surfers!

If you have children under 12, then why not get them involved? It’s a great opportunity to highlight the plight of people who Sofa Surf because they don’t have a home of their own. There aren’t any records to tell us how many people will be sofa surfing on any given night. However, estimations say that for every rough sleeper there are five sofa surfers.


What is sofa surfers?

Simple – give up your comfy bed for the night and sleep on your sofa. Ask your friends, teachers, family members, and any one else to sponsor you. You could do it on your own, or you could get a group of friends together and all sleep in your living room.


How can I get involved?

If you’re under 12, we’d love you to take part. You just need to spend the night of Friday 23rd March sleeping on your sofa. Remember to download the sponsorship form and get family and friends to sponsor you!

The money raised by our Sleep Easy Sofa Surfers will go directly towards the work we undertake supporting vulnerable young people through our Moving Forward Fund.

Download a sponsorship form here


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