Moving Forward Fund

moving_forwardYMCA’s Moving Forward fund enables the young people we work with to move on in their lives by providing not only the practical things that make a house a home but also accessing employment and training opportunities, even helping them to move on emotionally, like Sharon*:

Following the loss of her child, young mother Sharon was grief stricken; the inevitable grief and its aftermath had a detrimental effect on the dynamics within the family home and unfortunately led to Sharon becoming homeless. In addition, due to a period of sickness at work she also lost her job.

During her stay at YMCA Badger Court, Sharon’s key support worker found appropriate bereavement counselling as well as working with her on budgeting and life skills. This helped Sharon obtain her own tenancy.

Sharon became pregnant again and was looking forward to impending motherhood. Devastatingly, she gave birth to her daughter at 32 weeks and had to face the grief she had already become accustomed to yet again.

It was very important to Sharon that her children were buried together, however there was a charge for the reopening of the grave which she could not afford, which obviously caused her much distress. The Moving Forward Fund was allocated to cover the cost of the burial plot to be reopened. Sharon felt at peace in the knowledge that her children were buried together and was able to move on in with her life.

Floating support was then offered by the YMCA whilst Sharon set up her home. She created a lovely home and lived independently. Sharon has since started a course at the University of Wolverhampton to improve her career prospects.

If you would like to make a donation to the Moving Forward Fund, please contact info@ymcabc.org.uk or 01902 371 550.

(Name changed & model used for photo)

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