Thousands of young people all over the country are homeless and living on the edge.

Every day, these vulnerable young people are in terrible danger of assault, abuse, hunger and illness. But there’s a way to help: Become a YMCA Roomsponsor today and save a future.

Become a YMCA Roomsponsor and save a future.

As a Roomsponsor you’ll make a regular donation which provides a room at a YMCA where a young person can feel safe and hopeful again. Most young people stay for at least four months – and many longer. Here they can get the advice and support they need to regain confidence, develop skills and get in to work or education.

But changing a life full of challenges doesn’t happen overnight, so that’s why we need regular gifts from Roomsponsors to help people like Danni.

How we spend your donations

For every £1 you give:

  • 85p supports local YMCA’s (58p is spent on housing homeless young people),
  • 13p helps generates more funds
  • 2p goes on governance

Danni’s Story

“I got kicked out and was rough sleeping. Sometimes I slept in a car park and was badly attacked one night. I’ve been in YMCA for a month now. I’ve got a roof over my head, and lots of support. If I hadn’t come to YMCA I would have been dead. Literally I would have been dead, with no food, no money, no nothing.”

As a Roomsponsor you’ll get real, regular feedback from the young people who are turning their lives around, thanks to your regular donation. You’ll also receive a welcome pack and thank you gift.