YMCA Move On Campaign

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This month we are backing a petition with YMCAs across England & Wales to urge the Government to do more to help young people living in supported housing be able to move on to independent living. SIGN THE PETITION HERE Too often young people are becoming become trapped, unable to save for a deposit, concerned…

Dal’s Story

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I have been a Supported Lodgings Host for nearly one month and this is my first placement.  It’s an exciting day today as David, the young person who has been living with me, will be introducing me to his girlfriend and he is cooking dinner for us all. Before I had a young person on…

Rose’s Story

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The YMCA places young people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  This occasionally includes young people who come to the UK as refugees and asylum seekers.  Rose has had Abubakr, (from Sudan) living with her for 2 years now.  She has provided a caring environment where Abu has been able to grow and flourish.  They get…

New YMCA Housing Project in Dudley

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YMCA Black Country Group provides supported accommodation in Dudley to assist young people in their journey from homelessness to independent living. Our accommodation is located on Highland Road and works with 16-17 year olds with Children’s Services input, Care Leavers and Young vulnerable people aged up to 24 years.