The George Williams Award

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Walsall Housing staff have been developing a programme called ‘The George Williams Award’ for residents to participate in during their time at Green Lane.  The programme enables the young people to develop their skills, and be ready to move on into independence. The workbook includes fun group sessions (when not in lockdown) such as; How…

YMCA Report – Young & Black

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YMCA England and Wales report is entitled ‘Young and Black’ and sets out young black peoples’ perceptions of racism in the UK today in a number of important areas – notably education, Police/crime, health, employment and finance.

Saba’s Story

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happy young boy with thumbs up at YMCA day care

Saba Yafi felt compelled to pen her thoughts on how wonderful the YMCA nursery staff have been during this lockdown. Both her husband and Saba are frontline key workers. In addition to this, Saba’s parents are elderly with numerous co-morbidities which means that they are unable to provide help with childcare at this time. Saba…

Luke’s Story

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Luke is one of the young people accessing YMCA Talent Match programme in Dudley.  This is his account of his journey, especially during COVID-19.  “I would just like to say, my journey with Black Country Talent Match has been absolutely fantastic. From start to finish they have backed up with the support and encouragement, to…

YMCA BCG Commemorates Local Black Leader: Rose Lyseight

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In proud memory of the life of Rose Lyseight. In 1953, amidst the backdrop of the recent arrival of Commonwealth citizens from the West Indies from 1948 in and effort to rebuild the United Kingdom following the catastrophic impact of the Second World War, a small group of Pentecostal Christians from the Caribbean held their…

YGym Re-opening 25th July

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We are able to re-open our YGym facilities from Saturday 25th July, we wanted to advise you on how we have prepared so that it is safe and ready for your return. There are also ways in which you can prepare for when you return, so have a read through this bulletin for guidance on…

YMCA Youth Voices

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Dear Friends, During the last few weeks we have witnessed the world rise up in protest against racial inequality, sparked by the murder of George Floyd on 25 May in the United States. For many of us, it has opened old wounds; bringing up feelings of sadness, anger and frustration at the deep racial injustices…

Dal’s Story

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I have been a Supported Lodgings Host for nearly one month and this is my first placement.  It’s an exciting day today as David, the young person who has been living with me, will be introducing me to his girlfriend and he is cooking dinner for us all. Before I had a young person on…