Open Door

It’s just 25 weeks til Christmas, and YMCA Open Door are undertaking the 25 in 25 Challenge! We have a massive shortage of Host families, and so we are going to attempt to recruit 25 new Hosts in 25 weeks. It won’t be easy, but we are ready to spread the message of the life changing effect our Hosts have for vulnerable young people. Read on for more information about YMCA Open Door, or contact us directly at opendoor@ymcabc.org.uk or 0121 524 1957.


What do we do?

Open Door InfographicOpen Door offers vulnerable young people safe accommodation with Host Families – individuals, couples and families who live in the Black Country. A young person placed with a Host will receive a package of support from YMCA Black Country Group to help them gain the confidence and skills they need to become independent adults.

Many young people in the Black Country are unable to live at home with their family for a variety of reasons – bereavement, overcrowding, family breakdown or risk of abuse. At this age most young people still receive the care and support of their parents.

Young people unable to live at home can be extremely vulnerable. They may appear confident and ‘streetwise’ but the reality is very different. They become isolated, lonely and lack self-esteem, missing out on educational and social opportunities that others of the same age take for granted.

Without a safe home and the guidance of caring, responsible adults many of these young people become jobless, homeless and with little hope for the future.

The Open Door Project provides young people with the security they desperately need in the crucial years before adulthood.


We provide…  

  • Early preventionEgner-Photography-YMCA Feb12-IMG_5315
    A young person is identified and placed in supported lodgings while homelessness remains a risk.
  • More settled supported accommodation
    A young person who has no safe, settled home is placed in supported lodgings for up to two years, with a support plan to develop skills for life and economic independence.
  • Move on accommodation
    A young person who is ready for and needs greater independence than their current care or support package is accommodated as a lodger with a more appropriate form of support.
  • Emergency provision
    A young person, subject to passing a risk assessment, may be placed in an emergency Nightstop bed for a few days while they are being assessed.
  • Respite Support
    Young people already accommodated elsewhere can be referred for respite care from a few days to a few weeks.

Young People need to:

  • Have a desire for a sustainable and satisfying adult lifestyle
  • Regulate their behaviour to accommodate house rules
  • Engage with Hosts and YMCA Open Door staff
  • The project is most suitable for 16-17 year olds but other ages are not automatically excluded.

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We offer safe emergency accommodation for homeless young people aged 16-25. You can find out more about Nightstop here.


For more information on Open Door or Nightstop, contact the team on opendoor@ymcabc.org.uk or 0121 524 1957